About me

I began drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon, and I have been creative ever since. In college I was an art and then a home economics major, and began to sew professionally soon after graduation. After working for a national costume company, I then ventured into wedding gowns, and later took classes in porcelain doll making. Eventually, I opened my own unique shop in the historic district of our town where we specialized in original wedding gowns and costumes. Many were historical or fantasy creations.

I have been collecting antique lace and vintage textiles for over 30 years and making new creations from them long before “upcycling” became popular, but I am pleased to see that many others are now following this trend. I was delighted to discover the original works of Katwise, whose Etsy shop is always full of wonderful new surprises. She has inspired me and many others to create interesting new items from what could have become just more landfill. I tip my hat, or should I say my hood, to Kat for her generous spirit in sharing her ideas and techniques with us. I also have many vintage sweaters and other items that I will be repurposing into exciting new designs. Upon the death of my mother I inherited several boxes of vintage calico fabrics, as she was an avid quilter, so I am also using some of those pieces in my works.

One of my favorite things since childhood has been a kaleidoscope, with the brilliant rainbow colors and ever-changing symmetrical designs. Beautiful colors in nature, in art, in everything inspire me, so I decided to call my new creations “Kaleidoscope Wear”. The circular skirts of some of the sweater coats swirl out to make beautiful kaleidoscope designs, so it seems fitting. 

You will find an assortment of things ready to purchase on this site, but I also take commissions, so feel free to inquire. Just about anything you see here or elsewhere can be created to please your specific tastes. Everything is produced in my studio, which is smoke-free and pet free.

While this site is under construction feel free to contact me at my Etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/kaleidoscopewear, or my Facebook page: facebook.com/kaleidoscopewear. There are lots of images of my creations of wearable art at both sites. Hopefully, this page will be fully functional soon. Another quick way to reach me is by my regular email, which I check and respond to several times a day: ellensummer@comcast.net.