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Where do I begin?

This is my first blog post, dated August 18, 2020 though the date shows May, which I cannot figure out how to change.


I thought I’d show something that inspired me to make a hooded elf coat, then a few pictures showing the process and the finished coat. First, I see things in nature, online, or in my imagination that inspires me with colors or ideas to make a hooded elf coat. This one began with an online photo of grapes. Now maybe this was photoshopped, but I liked the colors, so that began my hunt for the right colors of sweaters. Then I found buttons which I had on hand and coordinated.

Once things came together I put this on Vanessa, my mannequin, and took a few photos.

She is good, but cannot move so I then had it modeled on a real person. This one is called
“Autumn Vineyard” and is still available for purchase, and will be in the Shop soon, once I figure out how to add things there. This is a first for me.